Alex "Red" Vlodnachek is back in her next adventure!

If it wasn't for art thieves, spies, and killers, Alex's life would be bliss.

Her freelance career is catching fire. Her relationship with B&B owner Ian Sterling is flirty and fun. Just like the glittering cocktail parties he throws at his sprawling Victorian inn.

But the ex-reporter discovers that something's off at the Cotswolds Inn -- and it's not the canapés. When Ian’s father vanishes, the enigmatic innkeeper asks for her assistance. And her discretion.

Meanwhile, Alex is having the opposite problem at her tiny bungalow: People keep showing up uninvited. Including a mysterious intruder found sleeping in her kitchen.

After the intrepid redhead discovers a body in the B&B’s basement and a “reproduction” Renoir in the library, she begins to suspect that Ian is more than just a simple hotel owner.

With editor pal Trip, brother Nick, feisty grandmother Baba, and rescue-pup Lucy riding shotgun, Alex scrambles to stay one step ahead of disaster—and some very nasty characters.


Can she find the missing man before it’s too late? Or will Alex be the next one to disappear?