"Every so often a novel seems to pop out of nowhere and deliver an astoundingly entertaining and hilariously fun new read. Alex is a delight, with a sharp wit and intelligence that makes her a joy to follow."

-Kings River Life Magazine

"CONFESSIONS OF A RED HERRING is a five star read full of humor, characters you wish were part of your own family, and a heroine you are rooting to win right from the start."

~Sinfully Wicked Book Reviews

"Murder, mayhem, and suspense all wrapped in one great plot.  I instantly took a liking to the main character, Alex Vlodnachek.  ... CONFESSIONS OF A RED HERRING is engaging, funny, and full of adventure. I recommend this mystery to all readers."

-Urban Book Reviews

"With a fun heroine and a cast of memorable characters, this will thrill cozy fans."

-The Parkersburg News and Sentinel


"A twisted story that will keep the reader on their toes. Red Herring in this story has a whole new meaning."

~Babs Book Bistro

"CONFESSIONS OF A RED HERRING was filled with fun and funny characters. A good 'ole mystery(s) and a great twisty-turning plot."

~My Reading Journeys

"CONFESSIONS OF A RED HERRING  is a fun, clever whodunnit with a sassy heroine whose investigative skills can solve any mystery."

~Moonlight Rendezvous

"CONFESSIONS OF A RED HERRING  is an engaging murder mystery made more enjoyable by snappy dialog, laugh-out-loud scenes, and a cast of quirky, lovable supporting characters."

~Book Club Librarian

"This was a fun story that kept me reading, laughing, and wondering, who the ultimate bad guy really was. A good read for fans of madcap capers."

~Mysteries with Character

"This book was a mixture of humor and corporate America that many might not see a mystery in but Dana Dratch created a compelling mystery out of this. I was hooked from the first knock on the door to the last suspect on Alex’s list."

~Bibliophile Reviews

"This book has it all – crazy family members, insane former employers, humorous situations, and a wild mystery all rolled into one."

~Storeybook Reviews

"A great mystery with lots of unsavory characters who could be the guilty party. I loved all the humor. So many great laugh-out-loud moments."

~Brooke Blogs

"You can’t beat a spunky old lady with frying pans. I'm looking for the next book in the series."

~The Mysterious Ink Spot